Paradise Ranch

I, Ian Good, along with my wife Deb, am proud to be the current generation to have inherited a proud heritage of ranching. My grandfather, Carl Good was born in October 1889 in South Dakota and travelled with his family to the Cypress Hills of Alberta in a covered wagon in 1893, establishing a homestead.

My father, Harry Good, was born in March of 1933 and married Grace Madil in January of 1953. They had my sister, Debra and myself. Ranching was in there blood since the beginning.

Paradise Ranch was established in 1964, when my family moved to Paradise Valley, south of Seven Persons Alberta.

The ranch consists of approximately 13,000 acres, 320 acres of irrigation to supply feed for the cattle. We also have Border Collies for working the cattle, with the prospect of raising well-bred pups in the near future.