Paradise Ranch

"As you drive you see the paradise ranch sign and you know your onto something special. Heading down the paradise ranch road you follow the creek along the rolling hills and majestic valley the feeling is truly surreal.
The history of the land takes you back in time when the paradise ranch was first discovered by the "Good" family.
Working with the Good family has been a true privilege and honour over the years, the Goods are exactly what you would expect. "down to earth and very grounded people" not only in the ranch but in the cattle.
Over many years of breeding for high maternal females with tremendous milk flow that can travel the hills and come home in the fall with that high performance calves a lot of homework has been done."

~ Vikse Family Farm

One of the best cow herds I have seen...

"Paradise Ranch is one of the best cow herds I have seen... there's definitely a program there.  Ian Good knows his cows and breeds them like a purebred operation always buying the best bulls"

~ A. Sparrow Farm

Cows that are as good as you’ll ever find...

"Paradise Ranch runs 500 Red Angus faced cows that are as good as you’ll ever find.

The ranch is owned and operated by Ian Good along with his wife Deb. Ian’s dad, Harry, has been gone since 2010, but the ranch and the cows are his legacy. His standards were high. The cows had to perform and there were never any excuses. He bought outstanding Red Angus and Charolais bulls from the top breeders in western Canada.  Steve Primrose of Primrose Livestock has bought the yearling steers site unseen for many years. My name is Bob Herman, and I have been fortunate enough to provide the veterinary services to Paradise Ranch for the last 16 years."

~ Dr. Bob Herman, DVM - Animal Medical Centre South